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Where Do I Buy This Item?

One unfortunate consequence of playing Dota 2 is that you have to learn where to purchase items. The first barrier to this is finding the items in the shop interface.The shop in Dota 2 is organized by category such as damage items, defensive items, or support items. These categories are all on a different tab. My first recommendation is to change the shop to the grid view instead of the line view. In the upper left corner of the shop (click on the shop button to open the shop) you can switch between each view. This will help you see all of the items at the same time.

In Dota 2, there are two kinds of items. There are basic components, which are the items that can be bought directly from the shop.  From these basic items you can make upgraded items, which take a predefined mix of basic items to create an item that has more power than its components combined. You can view these completed items in the Upgrades tab of the shop.

The Basics tab has 4 columns as follows:

  1. Consumable items such as regen, Tp scrolls, Couriers, and Observer Wards/Sentry Wards.
  2. All of the basic and medium level stat items. That includes all of the +3 stat, +6 stat, +10 stat, and the +1 to all, and +2 to all stat stat items.
  3. Armor, Damage, Damage prevention and attack modifying items.
  4. Regen items, simple components, Boots of Speed and random standalone items.

All of the items that you can see in the shop here in the Basics section can be purchased in the team’s base shop.  However, there are a few items not located there.

The other shop is called the Secret Shop. There are two secret shops on the map, one for each team.

The secret shop sells the most powerful of every item type such as +25 to stat items, +60 damage Sacred Relic, and the Hyperstone, which gives +55 AS.

The last shop in the game is called the Side Shop. The purpose of the side shop is to provide most of the items that heroes will purchase in the early game. These shops are there so that your hero spends less time running back and forth to base or using the team’s courier.

You will see a mixture of regular shop items, and a few secret shop items that are common in the early game.

The most important item in the side shop that isn’t here is the Ring of Protection, and as such is the only item you have to really plan ahead for in the early game. The Ring of protection is required for you to build a Ring of Basilius or Tranquil Boots, so you will have to ferry it out in the early game using a courier or headed back to base.

Some common items that you can make and buy entirely at the Side shop are:

  • Poor Man’s Shield
  • Phase Boots
  • Power Treads
  • Arcane Boots
  • Oblivion Staff
  • Ring of Health
  • Orb of Venom
  • Blink Dagger
  • Quelling Blade
  • Stout Shield
  • TP Scroll
  • Hood of Defiance
  • Blademail
  • Medallion of Courage
  • Helm of the Dominator

Now that you’ve seen where and what you can buy in the game, let’s talk about upgrading your component items into even better items.

Every Upgraded item has a combination of items that creates a better item. If all of those items are together in your inventory, they automatically become a new item. To check what the requirements are, click the upgrades tab of the shop and left click on the item you want to build. It will show what items build into it.

In the case of the Shivas above, we have 2 components that go into it. The first item is the Platemail, and the second is the Mystic Staff. The piece of paper that shows with the item is called a recipe. A recipe is unique to each item that requires it, and it serves the purpose of balancing the item’s price. In the case of Shivas, I need a Shivas recipe to complete the item.

Keep in mind that recipes do nothing for you until the item is built, unlike components, so this should almost always be the last item that you purchase when building an upgraded item.

However, not all items need recipes. To make an Oblivion Staff, you need a Quarterstaff, a Robe of the Magi, and a Sage’s Mask.

Now that you know how to make Upgraded items, click over to the Upgrade tab and we can see the categories.

  1. All of the basic stat items, some boot upgrades and a few items that don’t fit other categories.
  2. All of the support themed items. This means items that can apply auras, heals, or buffs to allies.
  3. Offensive/utility Int based items. They all have very different uses, so make sure that they are synergistic with your hero and what you need for the game.
  4. Major damage items. These items are largely used to increase your killing potential through basic attacks. Some also have utility with their damage, such as a chance to stun your opponents on attack.
  5. Most of these items are defensive in nature but some also have offensive or utility properties in addition.
  6. Most  of these items have unusual effects that don’t all stack together like lifesteal, Desolate orb, or Skadi slow. Be careful when buying multiples of these. You can usually only have 1 UAM item or skill in the game, so read carefully when you plan out your item builds and make sure they don’t interact negatively with your hero’s skills, or you will waste some of your gold.


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